About us

Mexthon is a peruvian knitwear company, presenting the best of alpaca, cotton and eco-blends.

Established in 1997, Mexthon has a shared history with Peru. For all this time, our goal has been clear: design, produce and export directly a natural-feel, comfortable, all season garment, made by our people with fair trade principles, ensuring the quality and ethics of our products in every occasion. 


In our trajectory we have worked with brands all over the world: United States, Netherlands, France, Argentina, Japan and Brazil, to name a few. We often participate in fashion fairs such as Peru Moda, where the best of Peruvian fashion is displayed.

We are committed to Social Responsibility, it is the reason behind our will to increase sustainable development within our organization and stakeholders.


Our main seals of warranty in this topic are our Fair Trade Peru and Good Practices of Manufacturing and Marketing Certifications by PromPerú. After all, we understand that society and environment are also our clients.

- Quality - Experience - Compromise -

Behind Mexthon